Had our ultrasound yesterday, and got to see Sprout for the first time. Very cool. The kid actually turned to look into the "camera" (I'm sure it was thinking something like 'what the hell is all of that noise?')

Had some embryology flashbacks - vertebrae, bones... Saw 10 fingers and toes. 2 arms. 2 legs. Just one head. That's about the level of detail you can get out of these things, but it's a good, solid start.

The tech said she knew the sex, but we didn't want to know. (thanks a LOT, Dave... so much for denial...)

I guess this makes it official. It's really happening. Very VERY cool.

And the most immediate effect of this, is that it puts the political crap that's going on during my Day Job into perspective. It really doesn't matter what some clowns think (or don't think) or do (or don't do). None of that stuff really matters.

It's all about Sprout.