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+ On using a Surface 3 dnorman 16 days ago 2 16 days ago
  1. I realize now that I should have written something after that experience - basically, it went better than expected. The Nexus 5 hardware was actually really nice - except for the battery life - but Android itself feels like it's in an uncanny valley. So close. Still so many pointy corners. I've never butt-dialled anyone in my life, until then. 2 butt-dials and a butt-text. With a phone set with a pattern-lock-code. I have no idea how that's even possible. But there it is. []
  2. I kept typing "trackbad" here - interesting []
  3. I tried pairing it via Bluetooth with my iPhone. It saw the pen, and paired, but the connection wouldn't stay active, and the pen didn't seem to do anything in iOS. D'oh. []
  4. we picked up an Xbox One a few months ago, and have been really digging it. It's one place where the weird desktop-touch compromise was completely scrapped, and it works well. []
  5. My main system in an iMac 5K. "Retina" display, which could be set to use micro-pixel insane-high-resolution mode, or the normal automatically scaled interface. Which generally works great, with no real tweaking for apps - they just work, without needing "experimental modes". The one quirk I've seen on the iMac is that the UI scroll-to-zoom feature completely bogs down the system. Not sure what's up with that. I use that all the time to zoom into stuff quickly, but can't do that on the iMac. []