sponsor me in the ride to conquer cancer

I just registered to participate in the 2009 Alberta Ride to Conquer Cancer. It’s an epic 2 day, 200km bike ride in the Rocky Mountains west of Calgary, with riders raising funds to support the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

My goal is to raise $2500. But I need your help. If you can, please sponsor me.

I will be training for the ride, to build up to the longer distances and mountains that will be part of it. It’s going to be one hell of a challenge, but it’s also going to be well worth it.

If there was ever a reason to tap into the power of my PLN, this is it.

10 thoughts on “sponsor me in the ride to conquer cancer”

  1. Yeah. It’s a strange form – I even got the URL for it wrong initially because it’s different for me than for non-logged-in people. Silly form. The donation went through, and showed up on my page. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for doing this, D’Arcy. I’m happy to support your ride and I hope your network comes through in great numbers.

    The next time my daughter sells magazine subscriptions or whatever for school, I’ll give this approach a try.

  3. When’s the deadline for this shindig? I have to raise some money so I can donate to you so that you will fund the cure to my as-to-yet undiscovered cancer. So thanks in advance.

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