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I’ve been subscribing to Scoble‘s feed since shortly before NorthernVoice2005. He’s been an interesting source of info and opinion, but he’s also afflicted with a strong case of braggadocio regarding “secrets” that he’s privy to [1, 2, 3]. That pisses me off. If you know a “secret”, even just acknowledging that there is a secret is betraying that trust. Like it or not, Robert, when you signed on with MS, that was part of the deal. And you re-up every time you cash a cheque from Redmond.

The latest round of secret-bragging was related to the still-unreleased MSN Virtual Earth “google killer” – Robert was basically marking the secret as “his”, in a misguided attempt to generate buzz.

So, I checked out MSN Virtual Earth (it was up this morning, it’s down now – wonder why…), and it sucked badly. Maps wouldn’t completely load. I couldn’t zoom in more than three notches. The “Locate Me” button requested a FREAKING ACTIVEX CONTROL to do its job (and the non-ActiveX version failed to do anything). So, based on Robert’s pre-release pimping of Virtual Earth, I can only conclude that MSN Virtual Earth SUCKS BADLY and will be no challenge for Google to deal with.

See, Robert, that’s another reason why “secrets” are embargoed until a certain date – the software may not have been fully cooked before you started pimping it. But, the buggy steaming POS that I saw is how I’ll remember it.

I’ve been trying to call Scoble out on this, but it’s bouncing off… I left this as a comment on his blog:

…buzz is more than “I know a secret! neener neener! You’ll know too, on Monday!” Buzz is getting a community to give two shits about what you are evangelizing about. Playing the “my secret is bigger than yours, so I’m more important” game is kinda anti-buzz…

So, thanks to the wonders of RSS and blogosphere triangulation, I’ll still pick up anything important that Scoble talks about, without having the distraction of the lower signal:noise(brag) ratio.

6 thoughts on “Scoble: Unsubscribed”

  1. It’s sure true of the location I finally was able to zoom in on… It was just a blown up version of the second-to-highest zoom. Might have been a processing artifact, I don’t know, but it definitely wasn’t a higher resolution image.

  2. Hi D’Arcy, After I noticed that people tried to read my Dutch post using Bablefish and after seeing how that was translated, I decided to just translate the post myself:

    I think the Flickr comparison doesn’t show the weak points of MSN Virtual Earth. It was when I tried finding the White House that I noticed that zooming in on something is much more difficult than it is in Google Maps. But I think the lack of an API is what is going to make things tough for MSN. For me that was the thing that sold Google Maps to me, even though I don’t live in the UK or the US.

  3. Pierre – thanks for the translation. Babel was readable, but quirky :-)

    Also, it looks like MSN Virtual Earth doesn’t actually have an extra level of zoom for the satellite images – they just blow up the image that’s about the same as Google’s highest res, so you are just looking at a smoothed out pixel-doubled version on MSNVE. Not really “higher zoom” – just bigger.

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