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One thing that has been bugging me since moving my blog to GoDaddy for hosting, is the PITA that MySQL backups have become. Back when I was on the Learning Commons’ webserver, I could just create a crontask to dump the MySQL tables every morning. No SSH or shell access to my GoDaddy account means using a web interface to backup, which is less than automatable.

WordPress to the rescue! There’s a WordPress Database Backup Plugin that can easily download or email database backups to you, and when tied with WP-Cron (a cron-like plugin for automating stuff), it’s fully automatable! I now have daily database backups gzipped and emailed to my GMail account for safe keeping.

I heart WordPress…

5 thoughts on “WordPress Database Backup Plugin”

  1. I am looking for similar functionality for Drupal. There are some modules that have cron-like MySQL backups, but I was looking for something VERY simple, with point-and-click installation ease. Can you help me out?

  2. I’d love something like that myself! AFAIK, Boris Mann (at Bryght) was thinking about a plugin to do this, but I don’t think he’s started a project for it yet.

    I didn’t realize just how comforting it is knowing that I have reliable and automated backups of the full database – something that wasn’t possible with my hosting situation before this email-backup plugin.

  3. i was just doing a google search on this plugin – you’ll be happy to know that you came up in the top 10 results for “wordpress database backup plugin”. LOL. that’s all…

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