Upgraded to WordPress 1.5

Actually, I upgraded my WP installation when I saw that 1.5 was final (yesterday?) Looks like I borked something while updating, because it was impossible for people using IE on Windows to see my weblog without getting a scary security download warning. Oops. Sorry about that, folks!

(I think) I’ve fixed it now, with a fresh install. (delete all non-config files, upload fresh copy of WP, run upgrade.php)

Remember to RTFM

WordPress 1.5 is a nice upgrade, too. If you’re using WP 1.2, or even MovableType, you might want to look into it. (there are easy migration utilities or techniques from just about any known weblog platform).

2 thoughts on “Upgraded to WordPress 1.5”

  1. Everything looks good … is it worth the upgrade? I tried it yesterday with one of my dev blogs and it didn’t seem any different. I wasn’t using kubrick on my other blog and am wondering how 1.5 will effect that installation.

  2. If you’re using 1.2, it’s totally worth it. Completely new admin interface, and a bunch of other changes under the hood. You don’t have to use themes, but they sure do make it easy and clean to customize the layout. The “public” output may not look any different, but you’ll notice it. The only issue I have now, is I can’t use XML-RPC to edit posts. I can post new ones using MarsEdit, but editing posts has some kind of issue, and the edited posts are bumped into “Draft” mode (becoming invisible to viewers until I open the Admin interface and re-publish the post). If you don’t use XML-RPC to post/edit, then it’s no biggie…

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